How do I make cold calling comfortable?

  • 12-05-2020
  • In: Marketing
  • Door: Olivier Janssen

Practical lessons on how to cold call

Tim has been an indispensable member of our team of marketing consultants for two years. When he started at Make Marketing Magic, he embarked on the challenging process of cold calling.

He soon learned the intricacies of cold calling: a vital activity that many entrepreneurs are afraid of. Read Tim’s insights into how to become an expert.

Cold calling: it is rarely the favourite activity of business owners. This is understandable, because coming on to someone you have never met is by no means easy. Many people, therefore, find it difficult to commit the time and effort to it.

Yet it is unwise to ignore this form of acquisition. If you tackle cold calling well, you can certainly bring in customers with it.

In the past two years I have gained the necessary experience and learned what works and what doesn’t. I would like to share what I have learned from practice, so that you no longer have to worry about cold calling.

A good start is half the battle

Before you call, it is important to have the correct setting. Get a good mood and a relaxed attitude. If you’re really comfortable in your own skin, your cheerful mood is often contagious.

In addition, do not come across as the umpteenth fast seller. The typical salesperson that is usually described in job openings is very rarely loved.

Just think of your own reaction when a salesperson appeals to you with an over-enthusiastic or aggressive opening sentence. You will probably drop out immediately!

Make sure that your opening sentence is original and that you pronounce it with the correct intonation. It is smart to prepare well for the interview. Take a look at the website of the relevant company or search LinkedIn to find out who you want to be on the line.

Even better: ask around in your own network to see if you can be referred by a joint contact. Look for the starting point in every case as that makes the conversation a lot easier.

Make it unique

Consider the purpose of your conversation. You bring something to the entrepreneur that you think he or she needs.

Make sure that it is true that your product or service has added value. In addition, customise your story to match the entrepreneur you speak to. Make sure it feels important, understood and unique.

Don’t worry about a “no”

Usually you call at the wrong time and you get a ‘no’. In such cases it is advisable to search for another contact point.

For example, I often ask if the person I am talking to would enjoy it if I sent a specific – relevant – blog article or white paper.

Or I invite my conversation partner to one of the events that Make Marketing Magic organizes.

By offering these kind of ‘extras’ from your company, you can first give something before you start the actual sale.

More sustainable

The process takes a little longer, but is also more sustainable. It is simply difficult to sell something during one contact moment.

The decision to enter into a partnership has to do with trust, respect and a benefit factor.

Your prospect must see you as the authority within your field to become a client of you.

Therefore, invest in content creation. By sharing your knowledge through blogs, whitepapers and newsletters, you can demonstrate perfectly that you can fulfil the needs of your customers like no other!

For more great insights, check out our blog here.

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