The widening gap between large and small

  • 22-01-2020
  • In: Marketing
  • Door: Olivier Janssen

The gap between large and small companies is growing. The big players are getting bigger and the little ones are getting smaller. Marketing plays a major role in this. Although everyone can now do marketing, it has become a lot more complex. But that is your opportunity.

The gap between large and small companies has always been there. But if that gap was more or less stable for years, research from Harvard Business Review shows that that gap has widened in recent years. That is quite surprising. Entrepreneurship is popular and the number of start-ups is numerous. Yet it is generally the larger companies that come out as the winners, both in B2C and in B2B. The large companies are getting bigger and growing even faster than the market is growing. This is at the expense of the smaller companies, where the turnover remains the same or even falls. Of course, there are sectors that show a different trend, but broadly this is what we see happening.

More of everything

Large companies simply have more money, more knowledge, more technology and more people. This means that they have the opportunity to do more on product development, to automate their customer service, to have smarter software developed and to do marketing.

Marketing has become easier. Or more difficult?

Marketing used to be easy, but expensive. You simply had to buy a lot of media; from broadcasting time on TV to advertisements in newspapers and huge billboards, or you used a call centre to call customers off to sell or make appointments. That cost a lot of money, but it was clear what you had to do and there was not much choice.

Today anyone can do marketing. You can now post something on LinkedIn or open a MailChimp account to send a newsletter. But at the same time, it has also become more difficult. There are so many different channels and each channel requires its own way of delivering a message. You can easily do this today by starting a Google AdWords campaign or start a podcast, but it must be integrated with all your other marketing activities. So, in fact marketing has become more complex. A lot more complex.

If you do nothing, you will become smaller

The result is that larger companies – which do have the people, the knowledge, the technology and the money – do communicate, and that the smaller organizations usually do not. Apart from missing an opportunity for this – telling your story to companies that are currently looking for your services – you also run a high risk.
Your customers are constantly exposed to messages and offers from the major players who do communicate. If I look at my LinkedIn profile now, I see an offer for a cash flow model for 2020, countless fun workshops and training courses and a link to a white paper with the five best strategies for my online marketing. It is therefore logical that if you do nothing, you will become smaller: the other will run away with your customers.

There is also positive news

The number of companies that really do marketing, integrated communication and the resources that are deployed in a smart way can be counted on one hand per target group or industry. After all, it is quite difficult to completely organize that yourself, from scratch.
The good news is that you can also participate. Use the means available to communicate, distinguish yourself and start growing in a smart way; with existing customers and with new customers. Only if you do that will you also have a chance – a very serious chance – to become one of those fast growers.


Here at Make Marketing Magic, we believe that growth is about creating opportunities. You can do that yourself, but you can also let us help you. Our unique and proven method puts your company on the map and keeps you on the radar of your target group and potential customers. This way you are top of mind when they need your product or service. Knowing more? Please contact us. We would love to get to know you.

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