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B2B companies grow, using Radar Marketing. Our process makes Radar Marketing easy. Meet your new Marketing Team!

“In 9 months, we have grown from 2000 to 10.000 unique website visitors per month. Storytelling works! We notice it every day.”

Robert van den Oord,

Director Saro Recruitment

Your Marketing Team will consist of:

Your personal Marketing Manager

We match your business with one of our experienced Marketing Managers. This is your strategist, sparring partner and contact person for anything your organisation needs in terms of marketing. He/she..

  • Has marketing experience in your industry
  • Knows where to find your target group
  • Ensures all marketing activities keep running smoothly
  • Proactively analyses the results of your marketing activities
  • Continuously advises you and helps meet your commercial objectives

Your personal ghostwriter

Your Marketing Manager selects a ghostwriter who translates your knowledge and skills to relevant and valuable content that inspires your buyer persona. He/she..

  • Is an experienced writer
  • Creates clear content, so your target group understands the message
  • Writes bi-monthly blogs that appeal to your buyer persona
  • Can also create website texts, white papers, social media posts and other texts to help increase sales opportunities

Your personal Campaign Manager

Your Campaign Manager guarantees correct handling of your emails, blogs, advertising and social media posts. He/she..

  • Publishes new content on your website every two weeks
  • Shares content on social media accounts every two weeks
  • Sends emails to your database every two weeks
  • Reminds your ambassadors to share content on social media
  • Creates targeted campaigns for your target audience on social media and Google Adwords, for example
  • Handles technical matters so you can make the most of your marketing activities

Your personal Window of Opportunity (WOO)

Your Window of Opportunity bridges the gap between Marketing and Sales. Using smart technology, WOO provides insights in your sales opportunities, so you can approach clients as soon as they show interest in your product or service. WOO..

  • Identifies sales opportunities, based on analytics and data
  • Is available anytime and anywhere
  • Allows you to provide feedback fast and efficiently, on content that is created for you
  • Offers tips for even better online marketing and SEO