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We make Radar Marketing easy, so you can acquire new clients.

Find out how!

In 4 steps, we get to know your organisation

Your Marketing Manager

You meet your Marketing Manager. Together, you define your objectives and your buyer persona; the person in your target audience signing the quotation. Through your content, you reach the buyer persona’s heart and head.

Your Network

You share your database with us. We conduct a GDPR check to send your blogs to a ‘clean’ database. In addition, we create a key players list; ambassadors who will share your content with their online network with the click of a button.

Your Online Platforms

You allow access to your online platforms. So, we can publish content on your website and share blogs via your business social media accounts. This helps increase your reach and visibility.

Your Ghostwriter

We select a suitable ghostwriter. Every two weeks, this writer creates blogs based on your knowledge and experience. Your ghostwriter knows your buyer persona and creates relevant content for your target audience.

Now we are ready to go!

With the technical connections in place, we can start the process. Together with your Marketing Manager and ghostwriter, you form a team that is backed up by the Window of Opportunity (WOO); THE portal providing insight in your sales opportunities anytime and anywhere.

Your ghostwriter calls you for a monthly interview. He/she writes a new blog post every two weeks, containing unique insights and practical tips for your buyer persona.

The blogs are created in WOO, so you can provide feedback fast and efficiently. Upon your approval, the blog is sent to our Campaign Managers.

In a monthly call with your Marketing Manager, you discuss recent results. What are the sales opportunities? Does anything need fine-tuning? What do you need to meet your objectives?

They publish the blog on your website, send it to your email database, post it on your social media accounts and invite ambassadors to share your content with their network.

The people reading your content and visiting your website are potential clients. WOO shows who they are, where they work and what interests them. Live. So, you can follow up these leads.

Expanding your reach?

The more people you reach, the more sales opportunities you create. Based on your objectives, your Marketing Manager advises on the steps to take to expand your reach and meet your commercial objectives.

Generating more leads?

Radar Marketing helps you grow sustainably. But sometimes you simply need more direct sales opportunities. Your Marketing Manager is aware of this and advises how to create more leads.