Magic Multiplier

For entrepreneurs who really want to grow rapidly. Bring it on.
Growth does not happen by itself. And the fact that you need marketing is obvious. You've tried it all before: an external marketing agency, a marketeer in your employ and figuring out how Google Ads works late into the night. But so far without results. And this causes frustration. In fact, you just need a partner who will help you grow your business, strategically and operationally.

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The onboarding is like a pressure cooker. A super-fast result: something that would otherwise take a year to achieve. We do an extensive baseline scan, determine goals and Buyer Personas and set up the marketing automation tool. The content and sales workshops are the final ingredients. The heat is on!


If you know the challenges and needs of your target audience and what value you can add, it’s super clear what you need to create content about. But content marketing is not easy, that’s why we help you. We write blogs that touch the target audience and put you on the map as an authority in your field of expertise.

Distribution & advertising

Your message must be visible to the right people. If you need help with this, check out Magic Marketing.


We manage all aspects of your marketing. You get a copywriter who interviews you and delivers great articles. In addition, you sit down with your personal Customer Success Manager each quarter to look at the results and take action.


To grow significantly you need to include Marketing Automation Software in your tech stack. We work with either Hubspot or Sharpspring. Based on your ambition we choose one. Besides, you will get access to our platform YourWoo where we combine data and processes to easily check your marketing results.

Magic Multiplier

For entrepreneurs who really want to grow rapidly. Bring it on.

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‘We really wanted to distinguish ourselves from competitors in order to convince prospects to choose for us. Since the cooperation with Make Marketing Magic we are noticeably more often on the radar of interesting parties. Also, our proposition is solid and in the field of marketing all ideas and plans are actually implemented. That gives us peace of mind and energy. ’
Erik de Gooijer, Owner of Lichtwerkt



'Our goal was to put ourselves on the map as an IT company, become visible, communicate professionally with our target audience and of course generate more customers. With Make Marketing Magic we managed to achieve this. Our cooperation produces good energy. Together we achieve success and that makes me very happy! ’
Dennis Nuijens, Founder of Cqure


Verito Informatisering

'Main goal for us, as a Microsoft Partner, was to get on the radar of new customers and welcome them as customers. Thanks to Make Marketing Magic's clever methodology, extra hands and marketing experts, we succeeded with flying colors. Without it costing us much time or money. ’
Owe Loonstra, Manager Sales & Marketing

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Online marketing insights you can act on.

Do you want more valuable insights, practical tips and tricks on how to handle challenges regarding B2B online marketing you experience as an entrepreneur? Or do you just want to be inspired by great content? Then you want our blogs in your inbox every month. So leave us your email address and we will take care of the rest. You don’t want to miss this.

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These companies preceded you

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Magic Content

For entrepreneurs who struggle to create great content regularly.

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For entrepreneurs who want to have their marketing done.

Magic Multiplier

For entrepreneurs who really want to grow rapidly. Bring it on.


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