We believe

Growing is all about creating opportunities and every company should have the same opportunities to grow.


We level the Playing Field

The gap between large and small companies is getting bigger. Large companies have the people, knowledge and technology to implement marketing effectively. As a result, they grow at the expense of smaller companies. We believe that growth is about creating opportunities and that every company must have the same opportunities to grow. That is why Make Marketing Magic allows SMEs to benefit from the same marketing strategy, expertise and technology as large companies. We level the playing field.


Enable growth

We have cracked the nut and developed a methodology based on science and years of experience. Our effective and affordable marketing brings together all the knowledge and skills that large companies also have at their disposal. This allows a smaller company to take advantage of all the opportunities that current technology offers. We implement a complete plan for a fixed, low monthly amount.

Social selling of old skool verkopen; wat werkt beter?

Effective marketing

Your 12-month marketing journey includes a personal growth plan, unique content, social advertising, access to the YourWoo lead platform and the execution of your plan by a team of experts.

We do the magic

We do it for you

Being active in the company is not the same as being active on the company. So how can a SMB company benefit from the same marketing strategy & expertise as large companies. With only 10% of their budget and 15% of their capacity? They have nowhere to go. Until Now. Welcome to Make Marketing Magic.

Giving Back

Serve sustainable development

We love entrepreneurs and people with ambition. That is why we support 2 projects with focus on entrepreneurship and development.


Wakibi supports entrepreneurs in third world countries with microfinance. Make Marketing Magic supports Wakibi by doing their marketing.

The Kusasa Project

The Kusasa Project helps disadvantaged, ambitious children to realize their potential. We are proud that we can contribute to this.